Bolstering Education: PD-funded Seminar Trains Over 100 Gambian Teachers

Embassy Banjul’s Public Diplomacy Section funded a teacher-training program on November 17, promoting partnership and skills building among Gambian and international educators. Chargé d’Affaires Shelly Seaver and Banjul American International School (BAIS) Director Caleb Steindam gave opening remarks at the program, which marked the conclusion of International Education Week. The Gambia Teachers Institute directly addresses the needs of The Gambia’s growing youth population, promoting inclusive and interactive education and serves as a force multiplier, with the engagement of education sector Peace Corps Volunteers, their local counterpart teacher and BAIS professionals. The teachers at the American School and other western-trained educators hosted training sessions on classroom farms, science labs, math, arts, music, and physical activity in the classroom. Teachers who participated in the event will take what they learned back to their classrooms throughout the country. ”