Ambassador Alsup Calls for Bold Action to Accelerate Gender Parity

Bijilo – March 08 2017: The United States Ambassador to The Gambia Wednesday called for prompt and bold action to accelerate gender parity.

Speaking at a breakfast conference held to commemorate International Women’s Day, Ambassador C. Patricia Alsup observed that progress towards gender equality and empowerment has slowed in many places around the world.

“No country,” she said, “can hope to get ahead by leaving half of its people behind.” The Ambassador said in too many societies, and in too many homes, women and girls are still undervalued and denied opportunities to participate and contribute economically, politically, and socially.

“When the voices of women and girls are left unheard, when their health and safety is left unprotected, and when they are denied an education, their full potential is unnecessarily and unwisely wasted. U.S. Embassy Banjul stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the women of The Gambia. We must all “be bold for change,” she emphasized.