Ambassador Alsup, Gambian Women Press for Progress at Tea

Ambassador Alsup leads discussions during tea with some of the leading Gambian women professionals

The United States Ambassador to The Gambia, C. Patricia Alsup on April 5 hosted a tea forum for diverse professional Gambian women at the Chief of Mission’s Residence in Banjul.

The event, part of activities celebrating women’s socio-economic empowerment throughout the year, drew professionals from various disciplines – science and technology, government, private sector, media, legal, etc. 

Ambassador Alsup and the women leaders discussed the issues that continue to impede women’s socio-economic advancement, and highlighted ways to remove those obstacles so that women and girls can advance in The Gambia.

Ambassador Alsup and women professionals at the Tea

“The United States government continues to believe that countries are more peaceful and prosperous when women have equal rights and opportunities. Today, here at this gathering, and in our various work places, we are reminded that more than ever before, we must unite and work with one purpose. We must “PressForProgress,” as this year’s theme for International Women’s Day urges us to do.  Women must make a concerted effort to force change across the globe. We must press for progress so that women are able to participate fully and safely in all facets of socio-economic development. We must work together to address discriminatory laws, regulations, and cultural practices keeping women from contributing their full potential to their countries’ development.  Let us remember that it is up to us to strive and build the future we want our children to inherit — one in which their dreams are not deferred or denied, but where they are uplifted and successful. Women have indeed come a long way, but there is still far to go in shattering the glass ceiling that holds women back.  Let us continue to press for progress and overcome those barriers.  It is possible and we can do it,” Ambassador Alsup urged at the tea.