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Ambassador Cromer, Gambian Vice President, State Ministers, Accompany CEO Albright On Scenic Cruise
October 24, 2023

A significant aspect of the Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact is to support the utilization of the river Gambia for both ecotourism and transportation. This initiative aims to revitalize the river Gambia, ultimately reducing transport costs and increasing revenue from tourism. In light of this objective, the CEO of MCC, Alice P. Albright, and her delegation embarked on a scenic cruise along the river Gambia, commencing their journey at Denton Bridge. This journey included notable figures such as the Vice President of the Republic of the Gambia, Ambassador Cromer, several cabinet ministers, Ambassador Bah, and the MCC team.   During the river cruise, CEO Albright had the opportunity to observe various locations that are being considered for inclusion in the MCC compact. The journey entailed traversing the mangroves and conducting a site visit to the primary work sites of the Try Oyster’s Women’s Association and the National Beekeepers Association at Lamin Lodge. This experience allowed the CEO to witness firsthand the potential of these locations.