Ambassador Meets with Miami University Students

Ambassador Paschall met with several undergraduate and graduate students at the American Corner on Wednesday to discuss their experiences studying public health initiatives in The Gambia. Spanning several health-related disciplines like Nutrition, Epidemiology, Physical Therapy, and Kinesiology, these students discussed how studying health infrastructure in The Gambia gave an international development context to their studies. Participants mentioned the challenges that many Gambians face in health access, including gender dynamics that prioritize men in women’s health, the lack of transportation infrastructure required for medical access in rural Gambian communities, and minimal support for Deaf and hearing-impaired Gambians from the Ministry of Health. Also present for the conversation was a current Peace Corps Volunteer, who gave his own insights into health initiatives in The Gambia. After this discussion, the students posed for a photo with the Ambassador and asked him about his career in the Foreign Service.