Ambassador Paschall Welcomes COVAX Vaccine Arrival to Gambia

“I was pleased to see the arrival to The Gambia of COVID-19 vaccines that were sponsored through the COVAX program.  I am proud that the United States announced contributions totaling $4 billion U.S. Dollars, over 200 Billion Dalasi, to support the global COVAX collective.  This funding is making global vaccination – including in The Gambia – possible.  The United States provided an immediate contribution of $2 billion to the Vaccine Alliance Gavi, as well as pledging an additional $2 billion by 2022.  The United States is also taking a leadership role in galvanizing further global contributions to COVAX.  Right now, U.S. contributions total over 39% of all contributions to the global COVAX collective.

Vaccines are a powerful tool in combating COVID-19.  They are a safe and effective way to protect ourselves and our communities.  When it is your turn, please roll up your sleeve and get your vaccine.  If you have questions, look to your public health authorities and trusted medical professionals. 

 Vaccines go hand in hand with other important health measures, including practicing strict hand hygiene, maintaining social distance, and wearing a face covering when in public.

 This disease has killed over 2 and a half million people in the past year.  Through U.S. support to provide vaccines, U.S. government and Gambian government efforts to promote effective public health policy, and the dedication and hard work of Gambians throughout the Smiling Coast, we can bring this terrible pandemic to an end.”