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CEO Albright Unveils MCA Gambia Office
October 24, 2023

The Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) office at the Petroleum House in Bijilo, has been inaugurated by the Chief Executive Officer of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, Alice P. Albright. The office will spearhead the implementation of the MCC-Gambia Threshold Program, dedicated to bolstering the nation’s electricity system and supporting the vital National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC). The event was graced by Ambassador Sharon Cromer, Minister of Finance, Seedy Keita, Ambassador Bah, and partners of the MCC in The Gambia. “MCC and the Government of The Gambia partnered on this program designed to reduce power outages and improve sector governance by supporting critical improvements to reduce the frequency and duration of outages and improve the capability of the National Water and Electricity Company to operate a power system that is adequate in meeting existing and growing demand” said CEO Albright at the ribbon cutting of the MCA office. By joining forces with NAWEC, we strive to ensure a brighter future for the country, providing uninterrupted power to fuel progress and prosperity.