American Corners

American Corners—dedicated information spaces hosted in schools, libraries, and other partner institutions worldwide—help introduce visitors to the true story of the United States. By providing a multi functional platform for public diplomacy programs and offering access to print, multimedia, and other materials, the American Corners help maintain open dialogue, counteract negative preconceptions, and build bridges of understanding. They represent the nation’s long-standing commitment to spread the ideas and values of American democracy and civil society.  The Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP) collaborates with Department of State regional bureaus, embassies, and other diplomatic posts, to provide support and direction for developing American Corners worldwide.

PD Banjul manages two vibrant American Corners in Banjul’s central commercial district.  Together they offer a wealth of programming, including access to English language resources; information about pursuing education in the United States; a debate series on democracy and elections; girls’ mentoring programs; special programming for American holidays including Martin Luther King Jr. Day; and commemorations of international days such as Earth Day.  In addition to regular special programs, the Corners host movie nights, web-based professional development curricula, and offer free access to books and internet resources.

Promoting American Voices

The heart of an American Corner is its commitment to provide public diplomacy programs that engage various local audiences: visiting speakers discuss U.S. global policies; exchange students share their experiences in the United States; Digital Video Conferences cover sensitive but important issues such as HIV/AIDS and human trafficking. Poster shows and other exhibits illustrate the diversity of American society”.

U.S. Embassy Banjul provides education advising at the American Corners. Our mandate is to actively promote United States higher education around the world by offering accurate, comprehensive, objective and timely information about educational opportunities in the United States, and guidance to qualified individuals on how best to access those opportunities. For more information on Studying in the USA, you can visit: and for the Gambian educational system you can visit:

Services: Research Library, Test Prep, Internet, Essay Writing Workshops, Pre-Departure Orientation, Student Visa Guidance, and Individual and group Consultations.