Embassy Banjul Celebrates Black History Month with Arts Festival

February 25, 2017: The United States Embassy in Banjul recently hosted a three-day arts festival (February 23-25) in commemoration of the 2017 Black History Month. The highlight of the festival was a performance on Lorraine Hansberry’s iconic play, “A Raisin in the Sun.”

The festival also featured a National Inter-school Arts Competition with a focus on the theme “Create to Celebrate Black History through the Years” as well as dance performances.

In brief remarks at a gala night for the third performance of the play, “A Raisin in the Sun,” Ambassador C. Patricia Alsup expressed great delight that her Mission was able to introduce Gambians to this important piece of African-American cultural heritage.

People usually think of slavery and the civil rights movement when they think of African-American history, but the struggles and hopes depicted through African-American art and literature are also an important dimension of African-American history,” she remarked.

Embassy Banjul’s Public Affairs Section collaborated with Ghana-based Purple Rain Foundation and Gambia-based Ebunjan Theatre to stage this arts festival.