Embassy Supports Capacity Development of 50 Journalists, Latest Batch Graduated

The U.S. Embassy’s fruitful partnership with a local training institute, Insight Training Center, has resulted in the capacity development of at least 50 Gambian journalists since 2017. On July 31, 2019, the second batch of 24 graduated during a ceremony held at the school. Public Affairs Officer Kathryn Edwards delivered the keynote address at the ceremony on behalf of the Ambassador. She urged the young reporters to reflect on their vital role in shaping The Gambia’s young democracy. She underscored that Journalists have an important role to play, a civic duty to inform and empower the people, to champion truth and fight false narratives. The PAO urged the reporters to be inspired by generations of journalists who have come before them. She reaffirmed that the United States Government will do all it can to support The Gambia’s young democracy, including strengthening of the media. Edwards said the United States supports freedom of the press and of expression in that history serves as an example of how a country flourishes when its press is free to hold its leaders to account, questions the status quo, and tackle the challenges that they face. Supporting capacity development of the local media remains an interest for the U.S. Mission in The Gambia.