Meet Anna Jaiteh, Mandela Fellow 2018

A lawyer with an accounting background, Anna Jaiteh established Yummy Chips, which imports plantain chips from Ghana for local consumption.  Anna established this business following her successful participation in the YALI Regional Leadership Program in Accra, Ghana, where she met a Ghanaian counterpart who would become her business partner.  Anna’s medium-term goal is to cultivate plantain farms to provide the raw materials locally. Ms. Jaiteh is also a volunteer.  Over the years, she has volunteered with Female Lawyers Association Gambia; University of The Gambia’s Legal Aid Clinic; as well as ‘Think Young Women’ (TYW).  She also co-founded Impact Youth Africa (IYA) through which she drives forward the economic empowerment of teenage mothers and young girls.  The organization is currently engaged with 20 teenage mothers, who are being trained on sewing and design as well as soap making.