Meet Mandela Fellow Awa Sinyan

Awa Sinyan is a young Gambian entrepreneur who founded Mira Impex Company, specializing in raw cashew nut agriculture.  The business supplies raw cashew nuts to partners in the international markets.  With five permanent staff and 30 seasonal staff members, Mira Impex increased its export from 500 to 700 tons of raw cashew nut between 2016 and 2017.  Awa is mobilizing funds to purchase a small-scale cashew processing plant that will allow her to process the cashew apple into cashew juice and jam.  She says her goal is to make sure no cashew apple goes to waste, and in the process, create employment for the less privileged women who have no formal education.  Awa is also interested in linking technology to agriculture and intends to use the Fellowship to explore new skills and best practices in business management to consolidate her gains, thus supporting post’s ICS goal of promoting economic development and support Gambian’s access to nutritious food.