Meet Mandela Fellow Hassan Jallow

Hassan Jallow’s journey in the field of Information Technology began in his school days when he crossed The Gambia River to come to Banjul and create an email account.  Since then, he has become a “techpreneur,” software developer, and electronics hobbyist.  His firm, Assutech, has developed seven different apps for six organizations/institutions.  One of the firm’s clients, the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) contracted Hassan to develop a software solution to authenticate all goods leaving The Gambia.  Hassan believes that technology should solve problems and his new app – Deka (dwelling) – does that by addressing some bottlenecks in the real estate sector.  Emerging as GCCI’s “Best Business Plan Concept 2017,” Deka seeks to connecting Gambian consumers directly to property owners with real estate for sale or rent.  Hassan hopes that this will lead to some positive developments in the sector.  As a driven and conscientious entrepreneur, Hassan’s participation in the Mandela Washington Fellowship will help him build a strong Gambian economy for the future.