Meet Mandela Fellow Mbassey Manneh

Mbassey Manneh is a political activist and pro-democracy campaigner.  She is particularly interested in ensuring that youth and women are active in politics and included in all decision-making processes that affect their lives.  During the 2017 National Assembly Elections, Mbassey headed the fundraising committee of the Not-Too-Young-To-Run movement that launched a countrywide caravan to encourage young Gambians to contest for the elective seats in the country’s legislative body.  That campaign resulted in the election of five young people to the National Assembly.  Mbassey also serves as the National Campaign Coordinator of Activista – The Gambia, and uses this role to advance democratic values and promote civic engagement.  She partners in her work with two U.S. NGOs – National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and International Republican Institute (IRI).  Participation in the Mandela Washington Fellowship will help to solidify The Gambia’s democratic gains and strengthen its civil society organizations.