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US. – The Gambia Relations

The US Mission’s priorities in The Gambia are focused on bolstering democracy and human rights; economic development; and health and social welfare.  U.S. Ambassador to The Gambia, C. Patricia Alsup, also emphasize women’s empowerment and youth development.  U.S. Embassy Banjul seeks to achieve gains in these areas by working together with the Gambian government and people to strengthen civil society and democratic institutions, protect human rights, promote good governance, improve social development indicators, and foster economic growth.

The relationship between The Gambia and the United States is one of long standing, but it has not always been warm. Yet, despite the sometimes-difficult relationship with the Government of The Gambia, most Gambians have a positive view of the United States.  This allows Embassy Banjul to engage in a robust public diplomacy and outreach strategy.  In addition to Twitter and a popular Facebook page, we have good relations with the local press corps, and a live weekly radio program on a local commercial radio station.  We identify and develop future Gambian leaders through our frequent community engagement, the popular Young African Leaders Initiative network, and two American Corners.