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The United States is firmly committed to its relationship with The Gambia and supports the Government of The Gambia as the country strengthens democratic institutions and focuses on economic growth.

Partners in Democracy

We are working with the government of The Gambia and civil society to strengthen democratic institutions, support good governance, advance human rights, and bolster education.  The United States provides advisors and capacity building programs in numerous governmental ministries and institutions.  We look forward to working with The Gambia to promote stronger trade and commercial ties and advance peace, security, and development.  The United States is partnering with all sectors in The Gambia to empower the majority youth population to actively participate in their countries’ economic and democratic development.

U.S. Contributions in The Gambia

The first Peace Corps Volunteers arrived in The Gambia at the invitations of The Gambian government in September 1967. Since Peace Corps The Gambia started, it has received over 2000 Volunteers from all 50 States and territories within the United States of America and . The Gambia is one of the longest running Peace Corps programs in the world. Volunteers work alongside Gambians to meet the country’s need for trained men and women in agriculture, education, and health. Peace Corps The Gambia will be working in the area of youth development across all of our sectors in the coming years, dedicating themselves to community integrations, developing local language skills and understanding the Gambian culture.

USAID provides development assistance in The Gambia from their regional offices in Dakar, Senegal and Accra, Ghana.

The U.S. Embassy supports multiple small and large scale projects throughout The Gambia to promote education, civil society, and development.  In 2017, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) chose The Gambia as recipient for its Threshold Program.  MCC is currently working with the government of The Gambia to devise a project that would provide multi-year advisory and capacity building assistance to improve governance and institutions.

The U.S. government also provides technical assistance to the government of The Gambia in the areas of security sector reform, debt management, and budget creation. Through U.S. government grants, the International Republican Institute (IRI) provides training to National Assembly members and civil society. The U.S. government recently also approved a $1 million grant to provide assistance to civil society organizations working hand-in-hand with the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission.

Gambians in the United States

The United States is home to a sizable Gambian diaspora community of around 8,000 Gambians engaging in activities from business and entrepreneurship to college education.

Americans in The Gambia

American citizens reside in The Gambia and our consular section provides American Citizen Services, including passport renewals and certificates of birth abroad.  Americans in The Gambia engage in various endeavors, including working in international organizations.  A limited number of U.S. businesses, often led by Gambian-Americans, are engaged in the Gambian economy.  Some American franchises such as Coca Cola and Western Union maintain offices in The Gambia.