PD Launches Ask The Consular Video Series

Public Diplomacy Banjul has launched a 10-week Ask The Consular Officer Video Series to engage with the local Gambian audience about the United States visa application process. The project, in collaboration with the Consular Section, is designed to be an effective information campaign to reduce confusion and raise Gambian awareness about the seemingly complicated visa process. PD solicited questions about the visa process on Embassy Banjul’s social media platforms, and then recorded a series of short videos with the Consular Officer answering a selection of those questions. Five of these videos have been posted on our Facebook page so far, receiving over 16,000 views. One of the videos, answering a question on why an applicant is rejected even after submitting all the required documents, was shared 87 times and viewed over 13,000 times. PD envisages this to be an innovative and useful social media outreach that will promote greater understanding and respect between the U.S. Embassy and Gambian audiences, clarify the visa process, and discourage intending immigrants from applying for non-immigrant visas.