U.S. Ambassador Opens Agric Biotech Conference

Kololi – March 15, 2017: The United States Ambassador to The Gambia, C. Patricia Alsup Wednesday opened a two-day agricultural biotechnology workshop in Kololi with a call for holistic approach to agricultural development.

The workshop, organized by the Embassy, is sponsored by the Office of Agricultural Policy, in the Economic Bureau of the U.S. Department of State,

“Today’s workshop is important for The Gambia because agriculture is at the very heart of The Gambia’s development agenda. When over half of a country’s population depends on agriculture for its food and cash income, as is the case in The Gambia, biotechnology and associated regulatory development are key development issues. Biotechnology has been proven to be an effective tool in agricultural systems worldwide. The technology holds much potential in the alleviation of food security, enhancing food safety, and addressing climate change. Biotechnology could play an essential role in helping the Gambian Government address its agricultural development objectives, while minimizing the negative impact of droughts, floods, pests and other challenges on our farmers and citizens,” she remarked.

Several other key stakeholders in The Gambia’s agriculture, environment and natural resources sectors were in attendance.