USAID Health Team Meets Gambian President

A five-member health assessment team from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) on November 28 met with Gambia’s President, Mr. Adama Barrow at State House, Banjul.  The Team, led to the State House by Ambassador. C. Patricia Alsup, was in Banjul on a health assessment mission of the country’s healthcare system.

“The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the USAID Health Assessment Team.  They are here on a pre-assessment visit to talk to some of the stakeholders to begin to determine what the overall needs are in the healthcare system.  Ultimately, their goal is to do a comprehensive assessment of the health system. What we did was to introduce the Team to the President and ask for his cooperation.  The Team will be talking to stakeholders all over the country.  It’s important that we have the cooperation of everyone within the government.  Ultimately, it’s important we have a healthy population if we are going to achieve the country’s development goals,” Ambassador Alsup told Gambian State House press corps.

Photo: Office of The Gambian President